Exterior DESIGN

Timeless Home

Our main focus is to design over 35 meters yachts, but we apply the same level of knowledge to smaller yachts. VYD’s aim is to work out the complete integrity with the shipyard and the client’s mind; exterior styling is the representative of the value we share, and form not just to make the yacht timeless but also the guest onboard.

Crafting Extraordinary Super Yacht Experiences

Seamless Experience

Uniquely in the super yacht industry, in addition to VYD’s signature, the personalised differences in every yacht we design provides an astonishing experience on and off board. What makes the design full-custom is the strong base with collective and personalised exterior design. It is a seamless experience; a compilation of hundreds of minds and an act of integration into client’s mind with approximately 2 years of building time.

“Sobriety: the desire to show off is turning
into a search for simple elegance.”

Paolo Dose

Uncompromising Elegance in Yacht Design

Elegant Yacht Design

The less is really more! We refuse to draw the trend lines and use “must-have” items we are told. With the precise amount of simplicity and uncompromising elegancy, the exterior lines are formed through our core process. The unique styling combines purpose with beauty. Always pushing the boundaries of innovation to form dynamic yachts which responds to the owner’s needs and desires, VYD approaches each project with a fresh ingenuity, and with collaboration at the fore.


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