Situated within the thriving seaside town of Viareggio, known for its historic legacy as a hub for superyacht construction, lies Tureddi Shipyard. With a remarkable heritage spanning over four decades, this storied shipyard represents a tale of two generations under the leadership of founder Andrea Tureddi, the current general manager.

From the shipyard’s humble beginnings in large scale commercial construction focused on chemical tankers, cable boats, and work ships, Tureddi has undergone a transformative journey to become a key supplier of hulls, superstructures, and finished yachts for renowned superyacht builders. Collaborations with prominent names such as Azimut-BenettiCodecasaSanlorenzoFincantieri, and Mondomarine have solidified the yard’s reputation as a trusted partner in delivering exceptional vessels.

Embracing the vision of the second generation, led by Alessandro Tureddi, the President and son of Andrea Tureddi, the shipyard has recently undergone a corporate reorganisation. This transformative move aims to maintain its role as a supply chain partner while establishing its own in-house brand of full custom superyachts.

During SuperYacht Times‘ visit to Cantieri Navali Turredi, we had the opportunity to meet with Alessandro Tureddi and his father Andrea to learn more about the shipyard’s operations and future plans.

Could you share your history and background, and explain how it shaped your entry into the yachting world?

Andrea: Having grown up in Viareggio, a town immersed in the luxury yacht industry, it was only natural for me to develop a strong affinity for this captivating industry. My journey began in the early 1980s, when I started work in commercial construction, focusing on large-scale vessels. Through my experiences in this field, I gained valuable insights and honed my skills, eventually transitioning into supplying hulls to major shipyards. 

I also had the opportunity to work as a consultant for several renowned Italian shipyards. With our existing facilities and resources. This transition is a natural progression for us, as we possess the necessary skills, expertise, and infrastructure to undertake this ambitious endeavour.

What were the key factors that influenced Tureddi Group’s shift in direction?

Andrea: There were two pivotal conditions that guided our decision. Firstly, we felt strongly that we had the necessary skills and expertise to embark on producing a line of yachts under our own brand. With our experience in producing high-quality hulls for renowned shipyards, we believed in our ability to deliver exceptional craftsmanship.

Alessandro: Secondly, market conditions played a significant role in our decision. Currently, shipyards around the world especially in Italy are facing a full order book stretching until 2026/27. This presented us with the perfect opportunity to cater to discerning buyers who appreciate and seek out high quality yachts.

We remain committed to continuing both sides of the business, producing hulls for other shipyards as well as our own brand.

Could you provide an insight into Tureddi’s production capabilities? 

Andrea: Tureddi’s production capabilities are driven by the expertise and experience of our highly skilled professionals who form the backbone of the yard. The dedication and familial bond within the shipyard plays a significant role in our success. Our workforce has been expanding, and we now have a network of around 100 collaborators/employees who contribute to our production.

Alessandro: In terms of our capacity, we specialise in building steel and aluminium full custom superyachts in the 30-60-metre range. Currently, we operate from three production sites, with two sites dedicated to hull construction and the third site soon to be available for the commencement of a potential new superyacht project. The facilities span over a total of 5,000 square-metres of covered and 2,000 metres of uncovered space, and the location provides direct access to the canal in Navicelli, facilitating the smooth movement of vessels towards the sea.

Furthermore, we are in the process of establishing three additional sites, including another at Navicelli and two in Viareggio, which offer direct access to the sea. Once these sites are fully operational, they will significantly enhance our construction capacity, allowing us to produce approximately 5 to 6 yachts per year, whilst still continuing with the hull production.

This strategic expansion plan demonstrates our commitment to meeting the growing demand for high-quality superyachts and further establishing ourselves as a leading player in the industry.

Could you elaborate on your business model?Alessandro: Tureddi’s aim is to maintain a flexible and integrated framework that focuses on our core competencies and high-value activities throughout the entire production cycle.

By adopting this strategic approach of direct control over the production cycle of each vessel or superyacht, we strive to maintain a balance between utilising our in-house capabilities and outsourcing non-essential activities. This ensures that our expertise and capabilities are leveraged in the most effective way, optimising efficiency and achieving the highest standards of quality. Whether it involves project management, design, procurement, or production, our goal is maximising our strengths and delivering exceptional results.

Alessandro: Moreover, we have taken the unique step to establish luxury bars, with one already operational in Viareggio another one set to open in Mayfair. These bars serve as spaces where potential owners, crew and other stakeholders can socialise, interact, and network. This decision aligns with our commitment to developing a direct network and maintaining close relationships with potential owners, rather than relying solely on brokerage houses. By engaging with clients in a more personal and direct manner, we can better understand their needs and deliver tailored solutions.

This streamlined approach will allow us to be efficient and to consistently deliver exceptional results, all while maintaining a strong emphasis on quality and client satisfaction. We believe that by continuously refining and fine-tuning our business model, we can stay at the forefront of the industry and exceed the expectations of our clients.

What is your future vision?

Alessandro: We want to continue the successful trajectory of our ongoing expansion endeavours and are actively seeking further growth opportunities, particularly in the American and Middle Eastern markets. As for the design element, we are looking to collaborate with the design studio VYD and naval architect Leonardo Cecchi.

Drawing on our expertise in working with supply vessels, we are also exploring the potential of supply vessel conversion to meet the increasing demand for yachts exceeding 60 metres in length.

Andrea: Our ultimate aspiration is to merge Italian craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to delivering vessels of exceptional quality that embody the essence of “Made in Italy.”

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